Ruralmaps.co.uk & Cartography.co.uk are trading names of Rural Design Studio Ltd. We have been providing mapping solutions since 2013.

RDS was set up by Anthony Pelly. From a background in environmental design and farming Anthony went on to work in project management for country estates across the UK. Anthony discovered not only the beauty of maps, but also their usefulness in managing projects efficiently. Clear maps can be the best way to instruct employees, agents, and contractors. Confusion arises when maps are not up to date or not designed with this purpose in mind. 

Many farms and estates rely on paper maps handed through the generations, often out of date and inaccurate. A single accurate set of maps in an invaluable tool for management. They save electric cables from being hit when carrying out excavations, provide a record of future and past cropping plans and calculate material requirements down to the last fencing staple.

Our approach is thoroughly modern - using the latest GIS and Computer-aided Design (CAD) software. Updates can easily be made and fresh copies sent out the same day.

Working with a team of graphic designers, map data specialists and illustrators, maps are produced for landowners around the world. We enjoy a close relationship with clients and their input into our ever evolving product. Ensuring that our graphics, level of detail, and print quality are industry leading.

With 800,000 acres under our belt, we have never had a map returned or rejected.

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Producing over 400,000ac of maps for farms, estates and ranches annually.

Our thoroughly modern approach uses the latest technology to create clear up-to-date maps - easily updated when necessary